collaborative learning tips and strategies

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collaborative learning tips and strategies

collaborative learning tips and strategies

Collaborative learning teams are said to attain higher level thinking and preserve information for longer times than students working individually. Why is this so?

Technology makes collaborative learning easier

StixyIt is a virtual bulletin board space . It is very useful for gathering, organizing , publishing and sharing information . Users can also add photos, notes, documents and to do lists to their stixy bulletin

Upload your work and add comments to it .Share files and documentsInvite your friends , peers, and even family and start collaboratingCopy and paste the content of any website to itUpload photos from wherever you have them , attach comments and share themYou can tick the “ guest view” so that all your visitors can only see it

sketchlot has given us a fantastic way to showcase student understanding of math concepts from a mobile device to the interactive whiteboard without an email address!"

1.How do I connect to Google Drive as a web service in Canvas?

1. Establish group goals2. Keep groups midsized3. Establish flexible group norms4. Build trust and promote open communication5. For larger tasks, create group roles6. Create a pre-test and post-test7. Consider the learning process itself as part of assessment8. Consider using different strategies9. Allow groups to reduce anxiety10. Establish group interactions11. Use a real world problems12. Focus on enhancing problem-solving and critical thinking skills13. Keep in mind the diversity of groups14. Groups with an equal number of boys and girls are best15. Use scaffolding16. Include different types of learning scenarios17. Technology makes collaborative learning easier18. Keep in mind the critics19. Be wary of “group think”20. Value diversity .



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