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Me As a Collaborator

"Those of us who have learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed."- Charles Darwin

Marshmallow ChallengeWe did the marshmallow challenge as a staff and realized that collaborating can be a real challenge, especially when everyone has their own thoughts and ideas of how things should work.

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Collaborative MeetingsWe discuss teaching and assessment strategies, share resources, and reflect on our own teaching practices. Although 2 collaboration meetings a week seems intense, it's quite useful to be able to work with people with different teaching styles.

Conflicting IdeasCollaborating with colleagues about what our thoughts are on rewrites, re-dos, and do-overs when it comes to assessments.This was interesting, because we started off by placing our cards where on the spectrum each of us were. By the end, we had to convince each other of why we should move ours one way or the other. Rick Wormeli has a brilliant video on why he always allows students to re-submit their work for a higher grade. As you can see in the picture, we were spread across the spectrum, which made for interesting conversations.

Dot MasterpieceOur task was to create a piece of art using only dots. We each contributed to the overall picture but there was no talking involved and while we started off drawing dots in the main circle, we still had the ability to go out of the circle and do our own thing.

Concentric RingsConcentric Rings on how we organize our classes. We started off by writing down how we organize our class, how we plan and prepare, and instruction. Every individual in the group had their own space to write down what they felt was important. When we were finished writing, we had a chance to read everyone else's thoughts and had a meaningful discussion sharing ideas and asking practical questions about how to implement new practices in the classroom.



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