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General and Special education teachers should work as a team to provide a supportive environment for LD students to learn. Scaffolding students promotes their independence in school and prepares them to be independent in the real world.

Every student deserves to feel included. Make your classroom a home that welcomes every type of learner.

ALL students learn differently. Adapt YOUR teaching style; don't expect them to adapt their brain.

Make classrooms accessible. Student can't read? Use pictures!

Labels are for cans, NOT students!

When The Chips are Down:Building Students' Self-Esteem


When teachers encourage their students and celebrate even the smallest milestones, it builds the self esteem of the student. It shows them that all accomplishments matter and it motivates them to want to push themselves to attain greater goals.

Celebrate even the smallest of achievements!

Misunderstood Minds

When students are given the opportunity to learn in inclusive classrooms along side their peers, they benefit from the social interaction of learning in a community of different learners. It gives them a sense of normalcy; removing the stigma that often follows the diagnosis of a learning disability.

Social Benefits

Unlocking the way the LD brain works!!Because it does work; only differently.


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