Collaberative Practice

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Collaberative Practice

Useful Weblinks new qualification between GCSE and A level National Centre for the Excellence in the Teaching of Maths provides numerous resources of the Wolf Report reccamendations.

Collaberative Practice in Further Education Maths

Learning Opportunities between professionalsThere are many opportunities for maths teachers and main course leaders to work together to increase learning opportunities across the school year.-Pen Portriats – When putting together pen portraits sharing the information gathered will help establish which learners need extra or differentiated support, and will highlight the challenges faced by learners outside of their main course.-Termly meetings / reports can be shared to discuss progress learners are making, this allows both tutors to understand and support learners across all of their education programme-Use of similar technology such as Kahoot can help provide consistency for learners in the methods of delivery of information.-Main course tutors can attend maths lessons to improve their own skills, this can be at functional skills, GCSE, A level or the new core maths qualifications (

Why collaborate with other tutors?Since the publication and changes implemented by the Wolf Report the teaching of maths and English is now no longer a secondary concern, they are now an integral part of a learners educational journey. This includes:-Funding for learners is now directly linked to their undertaking a course of maths / English study.-Performance results for the college are starting to include not just main course attainment, but also achievement in maths and English.-These links to funding and attainment are likely to get more stringent, and gain higher focus in reviewing the performance of the institution as a whole.The need for main course tutors and maths tutors to work together, in planning, delivering and assessing learners performance has never been more apparent. This glog aims to help support this collaboration.

How to develop numeracy in a learners main course / and vice versa One of the biggest opportunities is to meet and share schemes of work at the start of a course. This promotes collaborative teaching by:-Linking or reordering topics being taught on either course to provide synergistic benefits.-A deeper understanding of challenges being faced by learners, key spikes in their workload, work experience breaks and other logistical issues.-Sharing experience and allowing input both ways between course leaders to include numeracy in the learners main course, and encourage maths lesson plans to be as relevant and inclusive as possible. -This could even include linking projects between maths objectives and a leaner’s main course syllabus.

The Wolf Report


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