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Colin Kaepnick

Colin won a award in 2013 for the best Breakthough Athlete of the Year. Passing Stats Year -2011-2012-2013-2014-2015Team-SF-SF-SF-SF-SF ATT-5-218-416-478-244CMP-3-136-243-289-144YDS-35-1814-3197-3369-1615TD-0-10-21-19-6INT -0-3-8-10-5RATING -81.3-98.3-91.6-86.4-78.5Totals -1361-815-10030-56-26-88.4Rushing/Receiving stats Year -2011-2012-2013-2014-2015team-SF-SF-SF-SF-SFrush-2-63-92-104-45YDS-(-2)-415-524-639-256TD-0-5-4-1-1REC-0-0-0-0-0YDS-0-0-0-0-0TD-0-0-0-0-0tolals -306-1832-11-0-0Defensive statsYear-2011-2012-2013-2015Team-SF-SF-SF-SF-SFGP-13-16-16-9COMB-0-1-0-0Total-0-1-0-0AST-0-0-0-0SACK-0-0-0-0FF-0-0-0-0FR-0-0-0-0YDS-0-0-0-0INT-0-0-0-0AVG-0-0-0-0LNG-0-0-0-0TD-0-0-0-0PD-0-0-0-0STF-0-0-0-0STFDS-0-0-0-0KB-0-0-0-0Career -54-1-1-Scoring stats year -2011-2012-2013-2014Team -SF-SF-SF-SFGP-3-13-16-16-9PASS-10-21-19-6RUSH -0-5-4-1-1REC-0RET-0TD-0-5-4-1-12PT-0PAT-0FG-0Career-57-56-11-0-0-11-0-0

Colin Kaepnick was born in Milwaukee,Wisconsin on Novmber 3 ,1987. Colin hads many talents on the field two of them are his speed and rocket arm.Colin already had plans to join the 49ers since the fouth grade.The only school that offer him a full scholarship was the University of Nevada for football .He was a quarterback at twenty- five to start one of the super bowls games.He set a record at his college for passing 10,00yards and even rushing 4,000 yards.The Chicago Cubs drafted him when he came out if high school but he turn it down .

Colin Kaepnick





He took his team to the NFC Championship Game two times in a row. Colin really didnt' make a lot of contribution to the game .He contribtions goes to Camp Taylor .Camp Taylor is where kids with heart problems . Colin is very involved in the charity .

1.Two teams will play with eleven players on the field at a time .2.There is a coin toss in the beginging of the game.3.Each team will chose a side of the coin head or tails .4.The team that won the toss will chose if they want to recive the ball ,or which end of the field they want take the first half of the game .5.There are four quarters in game.6. Touchdown are worth six points.The are to ways change the posession of ball .7. The defensive team wolud have to intercept the ball in the air.8.If the offensive player drops the ball the defensive player would get it.9. felid goal is worth thre points. Whoever has the most ponits out of the two teams will win the game .


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