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Cole Miller

Three Elements that won the American Revolution

Cole Miller

The Voting System

General George Washington

The Battle of Yorktown

The revolution not only granted America our freedom but, it also brought many new ideas and inventions into our world that have made a huge impact on our country and if not for them we would not have many things we do today. One I believe is very important is the political idea of a voting system. In the Continental Congress during the revolution, representatives from each of the 13 colonies would vote on either a document or law trying to be put in place. This voting system has been a very beneficial part of our government today, since almost all of our political controversies and elections are solved by voting. The citizens vote for congressmen, the president, etc. and the Senate acts like the Continental Congress, where there are representatives from each of the 50 states and they decide on proposed alterations to documents as well as proposed laws. This idea has been a huge part of our modern government and gives the people of the US the right to vote on what they think is best for our country, unlike a Tyranny system where only the higher power would decide on everything for the country.

One strategy used by forces during the American Revolution, was guerilla warfare. Guerilla warfare was first introduced as a major strategy when the Iroquois dominated the French using this stealthy approach. It was later picked up by General Braddock, who used this style of warfare with his troops. It was also introduced to the Revolution during the Battle of Lexington and Concord. This warfare helped America use this strategy to surround the British in Yorktown and force them to surrender. Guerrilla warfare is still used today and without it we may have never gotten the British to surrender. A very important battle of the Revolution was the Battle of Lexington and Concord, which was caused by “The Shot Heard Round the World”, where the minutemen and red coats started a rampage by one shot which no one to this day is sure who fired. This battle was very significant due to the fact that Paul Revere and his crew warned villages for 7 miles straight using the famous line “The British are Coming!”. This battle was even a contributor to the start of the revolution and the red coats were being exposed of their military from this battle. Another very important battle is obviously, the battle of Yorktown. This was the final showdown of the American Revolution, and the Americans knew they had got this in the bag by this point. General Washington led the Patriots and the French using the Guerilla Warfare style to sneak up on the British troops and cause them to raise the white flag and surrender the Revolution. Needless to say, this is most definitely one if not the most important and key event of the American Revolution.

The figure I believe is very important in the success of the revolution, is George Washington. Not because he is one of the obvious choices but, because of what he really did and how he showed tremendous heart and bravery. General Washington never boasted, and accepted the General title with honor rather than arrogance. This humble attitude led him to refuse payment in being America’s general which showed his patriotism and love for the country and the revolution. He picked his soldiers up when they were losing confidence, and trained his men to be the best. Without Washington, our soldiers would have never surrounded the British at Yorktown, or we possibly would not even have a good army at all.

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