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Social Studies

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Wikis are simple. View, add, or edit information by accessing the "Cold War Era" page on the Navigation Toolbar to the right

Students can discuss the changes and dialogue current event connections using the "discussion" tab above.

Welcome to the 10th Grade Willows World Wiki! 2010

Cold War Wiki

The goal is to allow knowledge to "evolve" as individuals' ideas are accounted for. The evolution of the text can be viewed by using the "history" tab above.

The purpose of this wiki is to have a forum for the collective creation of knowledge related to the Cold War Era in World History - which will help us detect global issues as well as prepare for final exams!

Registered users click "Edit this Page" icon in the upper right hand corner to manipulate text (adding, deleting) or add images.

Editing the Wiki

Watch our Wiki grow!

Discussion Board

5. Adding images (maps, charts, pictures) with 4+ sentences of descriptive text(directions: image must be a JPEG - copy the image into "Paint", click "file" and "save" as JPEG. Then on the edit page of the wiki, click the icon to import an image or file, click browse, find your saved JPEG image, click upload, double click the image to appear on the web page.)

There is an expectation for how much editing must be done to receive full credit for this Wiki assignment:1. Adding 5+ full sentences2. Deleting and replacing 4+ sentences3. Organizing the Wiki into categories with new bold heading and move text appropriately 4. Adding a link to a website with good information/resources to study from along with a 4+ sentence explanation of what the site can offer.

Getting Credit for Posts

This Wiki is for private use only, and only Willows students registered in Mrs. Czarnik's History class have usernames and passwords registered with the Wiki. The Wiki is monitored often for appropriateness/correctness


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