Cold War Policies Part I

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Cold War Policies Part I

Cold War Policies, Part I

It was a war of beliefs, and of the future. It was a war about answers to questions such as “How should society operate?” It rarely involved direct fighting with weapons.

Time Line

1945- 1953

Harry S. Truman

EISENHOWER'S GOALS:* end Korean War* convince Soviet Union that U.S. was willing to use atomic weapons* stand firm in Middle East* reduce military budget*balance federal budgetACTIONS:* ended Korean War* Built 17,000 atomic bombs, plus B-52 bomber jets* placed Jupiter Missiles in Turkey* CIA overthrew Iran government* stopped building Aswan Dam, almost leading to war* Mutually Assured Destruction* Defense Act to boost education in math and scienceCHALLENGES:* Warsaw Pact created* Pressure from Chiang-Kai-Shek* Krushchev new Soviet Premier* U.S. spy plane caught inside USSR* Cuban Revolution* Hungarian Revolution* Indochina Revolution* McCarthyismSUCCESSES:* No real wars* Reduced budget

JFK's Goals:* Take strong stand against communism* Get rid of Castro* Protect West Berlin* Support South Vietnam* Win race to moonACTIONS:* Bay of Pigs Invasion* Ordered assassinations* Cuban Missile Crisis* Sent advisors to Vietnam* Summit meeting with KrushchevCHALLENGES:* Failure of Bay of Pigs* Pressure by chiefs of staff* Berlin Wall* Cuban Missile CrisisSUCCESSES:* Peaceful end to Cuban Missile Crisis

NIXON'S GOALS:* Respectful exit of Vietnam* detente* open relations with China* lower the Arms Race* Nixon Doctrine - help non-allies when it benefits U.S., but don't force or do it all.ACTIONS:* ended Vietnam War* 1st president to visit China, driving wedge between China and Soviet Union* SALT-I Treaty* Wheat Deal* detenteCHALLENGES:* Cambodia Invasion* Vietnam War* Arab-Israeli War* oil embargo* ChileSUCCESSES:* Moon Landing* lessened tensions with Soviet Union* lowered building of nuclear weapons* ended U.S. involvement in Vietnam* made a trade deal with the Soviet Union* visited South America

LBJ'S GOALS:* Secure South Vietnam* U.S. would intervene in western hemisphere if communist takeover was threatened* keep up with the Arms RaceACTIONS:* Joined war in Vietnam* expanded boycott against Cuba* aided Dominican Republic in rebellionCHALLENGES:* Vietnam War* Protests* France withdrew from NATO* Six Day War* China developed atomic bomb (1964)* Prague Spring* Pueblo IncidentSUCCESSES:* Domincan Republic did not become communist* Prevented war between 2 NATO allies: Turkey and Greece* Treaty of Tlatelolco denuclearized Latin America

Of these 5, who was most successful? Why?

Truman's Goals:* help Western Europe if attacked* prevent the spread of communism* keep West Berlin* Containment Policy - keep communism where it is, but nothing newACTIONS:* arms race* Berlin Crisis* Marshall Plan* Truman Doctrine* created NATOCHALLENGES:* China became communist in 1949* Soviets got atomic bombs in 1949* Korean War started in 1950* Berlin Crisis in 1949SUCCESSES:* Kept Soviets from getting West Berlin* rebuilt Greece, Belgium, Netherlands, and West Germany* kept South Korea democratic* democratic West Germany created

1953 - 1961

Dwight D. Eisenhower

1961 - 1963

John F. Kennedy

1963 - 1969

1969 - 1974

Lyndon B. Johnson

Richard M. Nixon


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