Cold War P2

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Cold War P2

Hot, Warm, and Cold Conflicts of the Cold War 1945-1991

1950-1953 Korean War...conflict began with North Korea's invasion of South Korea The capitalist United States assisted South Korea, while communist China supported North Korea

Warm conflicts... were conflicts that threatened the brink of war between the United States and the Soviet Union. Intercontinental billistic missiles(ICBM's) were placed in Turkey for the United States, while these same missiles were placed Cuba by the Soviet Union. Nuclear holocaust remained iminent.

Cold conflicts...were conflicts that heightened tension via indirect competition between the United States and the Soviet Union. This competition ranged from education, technology, military, and even sports.

Hot conflicts... were conflicts that turned into physical conflicts. In each instance, the communist (Soviet Union) had to choose a side, while the capitalist (United States) countries had to choose a side. These never resulted in direct conflict between the two.

Vietnam War North of 17 degree line, Ho Chi Minh's Communist forces govrned. To the south, the United States and France set up an anti-Communist government under the leadership of Ngo Dinh Diem. Guess who sided with Minh and who sided with Diem. Over a million a millionVietnamese and 58,000 Americans died during the war.

Cuban Missile Crisis... of the war the Soviet Unions Nikita Krushchev deployed nuclear missiles to Cuba's Fidel Castro in 1962 pushed the two sides to the brink of war. When the missiles were discovered, the United States declared a naval blockade and prepared to invade Cuba.


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