Cold War... P1

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Cold War... P1

Causes1. Ideology of Capitalism/Democracy2. Ideology of Communism3. Atomic Bomb4. Competition5. Germany

Cold War 1945-1991

Effects1. Three World's First, Second, and Third2. Decolonization3. NATO/Warsaw Pact4. Nuclear arms race5. Containment6. Korean War/Vietnam War/Cuban Missle Crisis7. Iron Curtain8. Marshall Plan

Positives1. Increase U.S. spending in education2. Advancements in technology3. Exposure of the ineffectiveness of communism4. Close the gap on racial equality

Negatives1. Massive death2. War(s)3. Massive spending4. Paranoya5. McCarthyism6. Weapons of mass destruction

Ideological struggle between communism(Soviet Union) and capitalism (United States) for world influence.

Important Events1947-1948 Soviet blockade of Berlin 1950-53 Korean War1952- Hydrogen bomb detonated by U.S.1955- Warsaw Pact1957-Soviet Union launches Sputnik into orbit1961- Soviet Union builds Berlin Wall1962- Cuban missile crisis1965-75 Vietnam War1989- Fall of the Berlin Wall1991- Fall of Soviet Union (End of the Cold War)


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