Cold War Events

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Cold War Events

Cold War Events

What HappenArms Race-this was a compition for super soveits.Potsdam Confrence-stalin went back on his word.Berlin Airlift-the was one of the first international.Perestrokia-this was a politcal move.U-2 Crisis-during the presientding democarys.

SignificantArms Race-over the past century.Potsdam Confrence-these countries were ment to be.Berlin Airlift-their aim was to force the power.Perestrokia-its literal meaning.U-2 crisis-the united states goverment.

arms race july 24 1945

potsdam conference july 16 1945

prague spring january 5 1968

itungarian uprising october 23 1956

perestroika january 1 1980

U-2 crisis may 1 1960

vietnam war november 1 1955

tet offnsive january 30 1968

berlin airlift december 11 1948

fall of vietnam april 13 1975


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