Cold Tundra

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Cold Tundra

> Plants have a short life cycles>Plants grow only during summer>Has small leaves to limit the loss of water.>Has short roots to prevent damage by the extreme cold> Ranges from 3-12 ° C

Latitude: Between the Arctic CIrcle(66.5°N) and the North Pole(90°N) and between the Antarctic CIrcle(66.5°S) and the South Pole(90°S)

Cold Tundra


The climate there has a short summer season for about 2-4 months. The temperature rises during summer slightly above 0° C

Arctic Moss

Arctic Willow

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Diamond-leaf Willow


Precipitation>In the form of snow>Low annual rainfall(110mm)

Facts!>There are strong winds, up to 100 miles per hour.>In the winter it is dark most of the time.>Tundra is permanently covered by a layer of frozen soil, or permafrost.>The growing season is very short. >There is also a major lack of nutrients.

Labrador Tea



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