Cold Sassy Tree and Tree Grows in Brooklyn

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Cold Sassy Tree and Tree Grows in Brooklyn

A Tree Grows in BrooklynMy favorite part in this book had to be at the very end where Francie was all grown up and she saw the girl on the fire excape watching her. I like this part because the story comes full circle. Francie was just like that little girl at the beggining of the book and now she is all grown up. It really shows how she matured through the book and is now is looked up to.

20th Century Life

A Tree Grows In BrooklynThe most impactful message i recieved from this book is to never give up because anyone can raise up from hard times. Even through poverty and food shortage Francie made it through so she could have a successful future.

Cold Sassy TreeMy favorie part is when Will went on a camping trip with his friends. I say this because it really shows that he has grown up. It also shows signs of typical teenage boy talk when they are by themselfs which I can relate too. When will told the lies in this part all well it shows the concequences that can occur if you do not tell the truth.

Cold Sassy TreeThe most impactful message in this book to me is change can happen very quickly. Dramatic changes in Will's life happend in such a short time really making me think how fast change can happen.


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