Cold Sassy Tree and Tree Grows in Brooklyn

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Cold Sassy Tree and Tree Grows in Brooklyn

The most evident theme in A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is perserverence through hard times and never giving up, not matter how hard it gets. This is shown when the Nolans push through the difficult times when they don't have much, if any, food to eat. The also perservere when Johnny dies because it was very difficult for them to get over his death, but they still over came the hardship.

In my opinion, the main theme of Cold Sassy Tree is death is a part of life. This is the main theme because it can be seen many times throughout the novel. It is seen in the very beginning when Mattie Lou dies and it is also seen in the very end when Grandpa dies. It can also be see in the middle of the novel when, not people die, but ideas. An example of this is that Will's childhood "died" when he shaved for the first time when he turned fifteen.

My favorite part of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is in the last chapter when Francie goes around Brooklyn to all of the places she went as a child. This is my favorite part because the novel displays the past overlapping the future. When Francie goes past McGarrity's saloon, it is easy to understand the past, but one also gets to see a glimpse into the future with prohibition. One is also able to see a glimpse of the future when Cheap Charlie says he will put an actually prize up for the lottery. Both Francie's past is visible in this moment along with the future of another child one day winning the doll she purchased.

Cold Sassy Tree

Cold Sassy Tree Theme

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn Theme

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and Cold Sassy Tree

My favortie part of Cold Sassy Tree is when Lightfoot McLendon and Will Tweedy kiss. This is my favorite part because, knowing that Will and Lightfoot will never be able to be together, it is a good moment where reality seems to cease to exist; Will and Lightfoot can be together, even though their relationship would bring shame to Will's family.

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

This is a stenographer in the 1900s would look like.

This is what the train trestle that Will almost got hit by the train on might look like.

This is "Blessed Be the Tie that Binds", the song Grandpa Blakeslee wanted to be sung at his burial.

Many people immigrated to New York City during the time of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, as shown in this video.

This is what Hoyt's red Cadillac would've looked like when he got it.


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