Cold Sassy Tree and Tree Grows in Brooklyn

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Cold Sassy Tree and Tree Grows in Brooklyn

My favorite theme for Cold Sassy is family is all you need, and sometimes all you need is someone who understands you. I like this theme because the Blakeslee family has experienced many deaths and they cope as a family and survive things together.

My favorite theme in A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is do not let anyone or anything discourage you from dreams. I like this theme because Francie grew up in a poor family, and she still managed to make a living for herself. She proved people wrong throughout the whole novel.

My favorite part of A Tree Grows In Brooklyn is the flashback in book two with Katie and Johnny. This is my favorite part because it gives you a better understanding of the Nolans. Also, it gives you background imformation on Francie.

Cold Sassy Tree and a Tree Grows in Brooklyn

My favorite part of Cold Sassy Tree is when Lightfoot helps Will in the train trestle situation. This part of the novel shows Will and his loving side towards Lightfoot. They bond together very well in the book.


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