Cognitive Apprenticeship Literacy

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Cognitive Apprenticeship Literacy

Cognitive Apprenticeship Literacy

Principles for Assisting Performance1. modeling2. coaching3. scaffolding4. articulation5. reflection

What is it cognitive apprenticeship?=states that children acquire cognitive and metacognitive processes through assisted instruction

Language promotes literacy through:*problem-solving*feedback*reinforcement

Teachers need to...-identify what child knows-child' teacher share similar understanding of task-works within Zone of Proximal Development

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~Knowledge Binder~Reading Log~Writing Portfolio~Rubrics' Checklists~Anchor Charts

Nonverbal Scaffolding

Modeling=demostrating task while children observe

Coaching=guided participation with hints' feedback to ensure success

Scaffolding=assisting in ZPD=support adjusted to assist child's increased control

Articulation=language promt that encourages children to articulate knowledge' problem-solving

Reflection=enables children to judge performance by external standards

Literacy Modeling + Scaffolding

Reading Log


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