Cognitive Apprentice Approach for Literacy

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Cognitive Apprentice Approach for Literacy

Teachers should design interactions that engage students in using language as a tool for learning.

Language helps students take advantage of what they already know to construct knowledge.

-Language is used as a problem-solving device-Language is used as a process that facilitates transfer-Language is used as means to become community leaders


Modeling- teacher demonstrates a literacy task & children observe processes that are required to accomplish the taskCoaching- involves guided participation, whereby the teacher observes children during literacy events & offers hints, feedback & modeling

Articulation:any language prompt that encourages children to articulate their knowledge or problem-solving strategies during a particular task.

Cognitive Apprentice Approach for Literacy: Chapter Two

Higher-level development occurs as a result of the problem-solving attempts. Neural growth happens because of the process, not the solution.


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