Cog AT: The Monster Behind the Mask

by JohnDagon
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Cog AT: The Monster Behind the Mask

CogAT Trolling for victims K- Grade 12 inthe US Public School Systems

Cog ATThe Monster Behind the Mask

Sarah (Age 24) - CPA; Manager at Flowers & Lacey Ltd. in Chicago. Divorced; Suffers from Depression

Nathaniel (Age 27)- Instructor of Sociology at Haverhill, College.Krull (Age 31) Staff Sergeant in US Army

Trick, not Treat!

Verbal Reasoning (V)Quantitative Reasoning (Q)NonVerbal Reasoning (N)

Sarah (Age 17) - E(Q+). Dream: Fashion Designer in New York City.

Nathaniel (Age 18) - C(V+ Q-). Dream: DoctorKrull (Age 17)- E(Q-V-N-). Dream: Software engineer, concentration on Gaming Technologies

Losing one's dreams Losing one's creativity Losing one's self

Critique of Standardized Tests - YouTube

Standardized Testing is not Teaching - YouTube

Cog AT “lacks validity and reliability over time.” - Baquenzo, 5

"test outcomes are influenced by a number of unacknowledged factors, including genetics, environment, and culture."- Boundless, par 4

"Standardized tests cannotadequately account for gender and culture differences" - Boundless, par. 5

"simply because test scores and outcomes are correlated does not mean one causes or predicts the other" -Boundless, par.3



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