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Description:Coelophysis means "hollow-form" because its body was so light like a birds. It was a small dinosaur that lived during the triassic period. Coelophysis was small; it only stood about 3 feet tall. What makes coelophysis so special is that is was one of the first true dinosaurs! Coelophysis had strong legs for fast running and a long, thin tale. It probably lived in river floodplains and used its big eyes for hunting.

FeedingCoelophysis had sharp, pointed teeth that is characteristic of meat-eaters. Paleontologists believe that coelophysis probably had a diet of small alligators, insects, and other small creatures. Because coelophysis had such big eyes to see their prey, they were probably good hunters.

Appearance in Popular Culture


Video About CoelophysisThis video is a clip from the BBC TV series Walking with Dinosaurs. It tells a little about coelophysis and dinosaurs in general. There are other clips about coelophysis through the series, but this one was the most comprehensive.

Image of Skeleton

About Coelophysis:Name: CoelophysisPronunciation: SEE-low-FY-sisMeaning: Hollow form (of its bones)Animal Type: DinosaurDietary Type: Carnivore - meat and fish eatingSize: Between 0.8 - 3.1 metres long, just under 1 metre high at the hipWeight: Up to 35-40 kgMajor Fossil Finds: Ghost Ranch - New Mexico, Petrified Forest Arizona.

Discovery at Ghost RanchIn the 1940s, paleontologists discovered something called a bonebed at the Ghost Ranch, New Mexico. A bonebed is where many fossils are found in one site. Scientists found so many skeletons that they were able to learn a lot about coelophysis!


Triassic Era


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