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Computer Science

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Source code is the the area in the computer where all coding is written, one of the reasons coding is so hard is because all things are written in a certain language so if just any person went into source code the words would look completely alien even though the letters are still english

What is source code?

As if it wouldn't be hard enough that you have to learn a language to code, you have to learn multiple languages! well that's if you don't want to be limited in coding and only be able to code one kind of program

Coding Languages

Game artistGame audioGame programmingComputer ProgrammingAnimatingGame animating

There are many websites on the internet that can teach basic coding in a simple and visual way, some of these sites are, Scratch, Code School and Khan academy.Click on the pictures to be taken to the websites.

Jobs involved with Computer Programming

Coding GuideComputer Programming

Computer Programming refers to creating the source code for computers or using computers to create source code with the intention to create Games, Animations, Moving art, Robots behavior, things like cars or anything you can think to code

What is Computer Programming?

Begginner programming sites

An online kids coding website.

Example of Computer Animation

Click on the images to be taken to the websites

Mario, One of the most famous games.

A colourful intuitive approach to teaching programming

A Completely free university level teaching website.


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