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Codeine is a narcotic usually in liquid form. It is most commonly perscribedto people with bronchitis or other problems with cold or cough. It is mostlikely mixed with promethazine.

Street Names

CodyCaptain CodyLeanPurpPurple DrankSip

Other Narcotics


The most common abuse of codeineis when it is prescribed in a liquid form with promethazine and mixed withSprite or a soda and a jolly rancheror another candy. This concoction is called"lean."

Short term Effects

These short term effects include nausea, upset stomach and vomiting.Allergic reactions to coedine are alsopretty common. This reaction is life threating.If it ever happens you should need to call911.

How it is Used

Long Term Effects

The long term effects of codeine use on the mind can include tons of mental health problems, ranging from mild to severely debilitating. These effects can even include cognitive and mental conditions like difficulty concentrating, depression, disorientation, and insomnia.


When taken carefully and as prescribed, codeine can be very effective and adverse effects can be minimal. Because of the fact that codeine is an opiate, it is considered to be a dangerous medication that can be easily misused and subsequently abused.


There are treatments available which can help gradually reduce the amount of the drug you are taking until you are no longer taking any. There are also treatments that can help you deal with the symptoms of severe withdrawals if you decide to quit cold turkey. Any of these treatments can be available almost anywhere, can help you start a new life that is free from addiction, and teach you skills you will need to be successful during and after treatment.


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