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Code Talker

Protagonist(s): The protagonist(s) is (are) Ned Begay, the Marines, the American Army, and their allies.Antagonist(s):The antagonist(s) is (are) the Japanese, the Germans, and all their allies.


Joseph Bruchac

Book Report

Name: Hannah Cunningham Date: 27/03/14

"There was truly blessing all around me and all through me. With the new dawn, with my mind and my body, my spirit and my emotions in good balance, I was ready to begin my journey as a warrior for America." This is my favourite quote because Ned was sincerely happy before he went off to war. So he was truly ready to protect his country....

Favourite Quote

Code Talker




I think that the main conflict was the war. But there were many minor conflicts, including when Ned was in school and some of his friends were beaten or treated badly.

-Boarding school-High school-Boot camp-Code school-Hawaii-Bougainville-Guam-Pavavu-Iwo Jima-Suribachi -Okinawa-Japan-Arizona (his home)

I think that the theme of the book is that everyone should be treated the same even if they look different than you do, or talk differently, eat different food, like different activities etc... I think that it is also about how the war doesn't just leave scars on you phisically, but also mentally...

I like the Book!


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