Code of Ethics

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Code of Ethics

The educator shall not disclose information about the student unless required by administration or law (NEA).


Author: Collin Barnes

NEA Code of Ethics

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Educators shall not restrain the student from independently learning or exclude the student based on race, color, creed, etc... (NEA).

Let Them Learn!

The educator shall not deny the students' access to differing views or distort subject matter (NEA).

Let Them Choose!

Title: Code of Ethics

What's the big deal?


What for?

Teachers are trusted by parents, students, and other teachers. Student information given in confidence should remain confidential unless the student is in danger or it is illegal to retain the information. "Information or data that are collected...should be strictly confidential, especially if it is at all personal" (Mills, p.105).

Students should be allowed to decide for themselves what they believe instead of mimicking the teacher's thoughts and opinions.As teachers, we need to be willing to accept alternate views and encourage students to take learning into their own hands."There is no room for deception" (Mills, p.109).

All students are equal, and should be treated as such. Although some require modifications and must be taught differently, they should still be given the same content and allowed to pursue it further if that is their desire.



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