Cod Fish

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Cod Fish

Caught me a big cod fish!

Cod Fish

Did you know: Cod fish can weigh anywhere from 20 pounds to 200 pounds and grow 2 metres long.

Feeling Hungry? Here are Foods You Can Make From Cod Fish Fish TacosFish ChowderClassic Fried Fish and ChipsLemon Baked Cod

Here is a Fish Taco!

Here is Some Fish and Chips!

Where Does Canada Export Their Cod? Unites States of America European Countries Pacific Rim Countries

Canada has many companies that extract and process seafoods, here are some of them: Aqualine SeafoodsCoastal Bay SeafoodsNorth Delta Seafoods Breakers Fish Company

Potential Jobs For Canadians in the Cod Fish Industry: FishersButchersChefs Truck Driver

Where is Cod Fish Mainly Found?Mainly in Newfoundland and Labradour.Found throughout the entire west of Canada.Cold waters and deep sea regions in the Northern Atlantic.



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