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Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel, born Gabrielle Chanel, was one of five children of an unmarried mother and peasant father. Her first work was as a singer in a cabaret where she met Etienne Balsan, an aristocrat. She was also working as a seamtress at the time. She used Balsan for his connections so that she could find a job in a more exclusive cabaret. That did not work out, so she stayed with Balsan as his mistress for years, as she enjoyed the lavish lifestyle. While enjoying her stay with Balsan, an Englishman (Arthur Cappel) seduced her and she became his mistress. When he died a few years later, Chanel devoted herself entirely to her work and her huge fame came soon afterward.


1883 - Chanel is born in Saumer, France1905 - Chanel becomes Etienne Balsan's mistress as a strategic move to improve her stage career. She benifits from his lavish lifestyle, but never goes anywhere with acting.1908 - Chanel begins an affair with Arthur Cappel, this time for sentimental reasons.1913 - Chanel opens her first hat boutique.1923 - Chanel becomes a moderatlely well-known designer. 1939- Coco Chanel, now very well known, begins costume design for film.1971 - Working practically until her dying breath, Coco Channel dies in the Hotel Ritz in France.

The thing that Chanel arguably hated the most about women's clothing of her time were corsets. She believed in simple or plain dresses that allowed for plenty of movement. She began using her lovers' clothes to make masculine clothes for women. She used modified ties, hats, and sutis. Some of her most famous works include "Le Tailleur en Tweed" (The tweed suit) and "The Little Black Robe".

Lasting Impact

Coco Chanel changed the image of beauty for all women of her time and for future times.


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Coco Chanel



Mini Bio: Coco Chanel


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