Cochlear Implants

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Cochlear Implants

An individual can hear sounds An individual can hear speechCan help and individual from becoming isolated from the hearing worldMakes individuals feel like they are apart of conversations againIndividuals are able to listen to music, people, animals, etc


Let us help you decide if a Cochlear implant is right for you!

Have to have surgeryVery expensiveSounds may not be recognizedConstant buzzing or white noise from the deviceDevice gets uncomfortableDevice has to be tuned and adjusted all the time


Are you a candidate for a Cochlear implant?

My grandma and my aunt have both received a Cochlear Implant. Most of my family is hard of hearing or Deaf, but they are the only two who were candidates for the Cochlear Implant. I have seen a significant difference in both of them, not only in their hearing and language understanding, but in their confidence in being in the hearing world. I believe the decision to get a Cochlear implant should be a personal one and it reacts differently with each person. My aunt loves her cochlear, but my grandma does not really like the cochlear. The Cochlear implant is different for every person and should be considered carefully before making a final decision.

My experiences with the Cochlear Implant:

Can you hear me?

Cochlear Implants


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