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It's time to pull the plug, and stop using the drug!

Why do people use Cocaine?Many people use this deadly drug for many different reasons. Some might use it because it is seen as a glamorous drug, as it is more expensive it gives off a feel of accomplishment and being rich. Another reason might be because many famous actors and movie stars use it, therefore by using it, it gives a sense of being in the footsteps of stars. Others use it because they are at a party and it is classified 'social' or because of the energy boost it supplies, but when it runs out they have to take more as they feel sluggish. Though the most common reason is that they are addicted, they try it once, or want to try something different and become hooked. Though then again people start for all different reasons, some might be because:-to relax-to cope with problems-to have fun -to feel the rush-to be part of a group-to feel less inhibited-to overcome boredom-to relieve stress, anxiety or painYet some people get so addicted they use it as an excuse to live as it leaves them wanting more. People will look at this list and think to themselves, that's good. However, what they don't realise is that while cocaine does do those things, when the drug wears off, they all come back, but worse, and longer. This makes you want to have more, sucking you in, destroying your body and health. (Brasch, N. pp14-15)

How cociane ruins lives

What are the effects of Cocaine?There is no doubt that like all drugs, cocaine has dangerous effects. There are many hazardous effects that are immediate, but the dangerous long-term effects are permanent. Some of these imitate effects include:-A highly dangerous increased of body temperature and heart rate.-Incorrect feelings of great physical strength and mental ability.-Constantly excited and dehydrated.-A quickness of breath.-Socially chatty or silent.-Enlarged pupils.-Stronger feelings of sexual arousal.-Becoming extremely happy or depressed.-Anxiety, agitation and/or panic.-Constant paranoia.-Unpredictable violent/aggressive behaviour.-Feeling more active reduces need for sleep. -Painful headaches.-Slowed heart rate and blood pressure.-Reduced appetite.These are just some of the many short-term effects. Some of the long-term effects are:-An increased heart rate and blood pressure.-Frequent feelings of insomnia and/or depression.-Anxiety, paranoia and/or psychosis.-Developed eating disorders or high weight loss. -Hypertension and irregular heart beat.-High sensitivities to light and sound.-Hallucinations and/or impaired thinking. -If smoked, respiratory problems may develop. -If snorted, damaged nasal passages and constant nose bleeds problems may develop (Australian Drug Foundation, 2003)-High addiction to cocaine and interest in other drugs.-Stumped growth for younger uses.-Consumer becomes unfit and irritable. -If the consumer is pregnant, the child will be deformed.-Feeling restlessness and developing chest pains.-If smoked, lung trauma may develop.-Constricted blood vessels-Constant outbursts of violence.-Constant outbursts of paranoia.-Abnormally high body temperature-Abnormally high heart rateWhile many of the immediate effects sound promising, the other short-term effects and long-term effects are dangerous and could turn users into a vegetable. (Street Drugs, 2009)

So, on a personal note, I do believe the best defence against cocaine is to avoid them in the first place. This is because this Class A drug seriously and permanently damages your physical and mental health from the first puff of crack cocaine or snort of powdered cocaine.

How Cocaine can be Dealt withLooking above on that Chart, it shows the cocaine providers and consumers on the financial years from 1999-2008. All of these consumers were so hooked up on cocaine that they couldn't stop and evenly got caught, like the providers. However, as it did decrease from 2000/01 in 2001/02, it then began increasing again, yet without decreasing. By the year 2007/08, approximately 15,000 people were caught using cocaine.Though if you do use cocaine, you should see the side-effects, and contact some of the rehabilitation companies to help bring your life under control. Because the more you use cocaine, any drug in fact, the more addicted you become, making it harder to stop, and eventually, die at an early age.


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