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Cocaine Poster

How Is Cocaine Administered?Cocaine is most commonly snorted into the nose. When snorted, the user uses a tube and quickly inhales trhough the tube. Cocaine can also be swallowed or injected. When injected, cocaine is often coupled with heroine. When snorted, cocaine takes three to five minutes to reach the brain, fifteen to thirty seconds when injected.

What is Cocaine?Cocaine is a white odorless powdered substance. It is a stimulant that when taken increases the body's activities such as heart rate and blood pressure. When used, it instantly creates a feeling of Euphoria which is almost immediately followed by a "crash" in which the user feels extremely depressed, anxious and paranoid. Cocaine is purchased on the street and heavy users might spend upward of $75,000/year on their habit.

Is Cocaine Legal?No, Cocaine is illegal. Cocaine was made illegal in 1914 in the Harrison Narcotics Act. This act prohibited cocaine use in medicines and made the drug illegal for recreational use. In 1971, to exterminate the use of cocaine, the government passed the Misuse of Drugs Act. This act named cocaine a Class A drug and anyone caught in possession of it would get a maximum of seven years in prison along with a heavy fine. Anyone caught selling or supplying cocaine would get a life sentence. To decrease the use of cocaine in the military, in 1986 the military adopted a zero tolerance policy for drugs of any kind. This cut cocaine use in the military by 50%. To decrease cocaine and drug use in teens, in 1998, the White House launched a national anti-drug campaign. This campaign promoted having a series of advertising designed to suggest to parents that they talk to their children about drugs and drug use.

Cocaine can change the way the brain worksworks

What are the short term and long term effects of Using Cocaine? The short term effects of cocaine use include shortness of breath, persistent coughing, severe chest pain, and intense irritation in the nasal passage. The long term effects of cocaine use include bleeding/ permanent injury to the lungs, and compulsive behaviors. Heavy users often severely damage the soft tissue of the inner and upper nostrils. Also, the tiny blood vessels right below the skin can decay. For heavy users who inject, usage can cause the veins to collapse and cause a serious infection to develop around the collapsed vein.


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