[2015] Khadar Nashi (0383 Fall 2015 Lynette): Coca-Cola

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[2015] Khadar Nashi (0383 Fall 2015 Lynette): Coca-Cola

- Coca-Cola cause obesity, diabetes, liver damage.- Over 650 beverages.- 180 low and no-calorie choices.- 470 beverages are high, unhealthy calories.- Diet drinks still causes serious health risks.

- Global Average for 500ml/20oz coca-cola bottle is $1.56 CAD.- Number of Coca-Cola bottle sold on it's first year --> 25- Number of Coca-Cola bottle sold each day --> 1.8 billion

Coca-Cola Statistic

- In 10 mins, 10 teaspoons of sugar strikes the liver.- In 20 mins, insulin flows into the bloodstream.- In 40 mins, pupils expands and blood pressure rises.- In 45 mins, body releases dopamine hormone.- After 1 hour your body begins to crash.

What Happens To Your Body


- Cleans your toilet.- Removes rusts.- Coke still uses cocaine.- Can shine a penny.- Removes blood stains.




Asa Griggs Candler bought the formula and brand in 1892.

John Smith PembertonInvented Coca-Cola in 1886.



By: Nashi and KhadarELST 0383


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