[2014] Mia DeMarco: Coca-Cola

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[2014] Mia DeMarco: Coca-Cola


John Pemberton

How it StartedJohn was a pharmacist in Atlanta, Georgia. No one really knows why he decided to create what he did, but all of America is glad he did. He concocted the first mixture of CocaCola in his backyard in a three legged brass kettle. John served samples of the drink at his pharmacy and it was an instant hit. His discovery happened in 1886, while the CocaCola Company wasn't founded until 1892.


CocainePeople often wonder if CocaCola ever contained the real drug cocaine or not. The answer is yes. From 1886-1903 there was about 9 milligrams per bottle. That isnt enough to be sevearly effected by the drug, thats why the business got away with it for so long. In 1904 the ingredient was removed and replaced with the "spent" leaves of the cocaine plant. These leaves are the extract of the plant after making he actual drug.

Different CocaCola bottles and how they changed over the years

CocaCola cans over the years

CocaCola cans over the years

CocaCola label changes

1956 label

CocaCola Company link

John Pemberton and Cola facts link

2014 share labels

Cherry Coke 1982

Coke Zero 2010

Coke Light 1992

2010 plasic bottle

painting of John

John P. in a coke glass comic

original bottle 1886

Today all over the world, CocaCola is sipped. On average, about 1.7 billion servings are sold per day. The CocaCola is the largest beverage company in the world.

By: Mia DeMarco

John Pemberton link


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