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Coburn Haskell

Coburn Haskell was bored. He was waiting at the B.F. Goodrich Tire Company in Akron for his friend, Bertram Work. Bertram was going golfing with Coburn that afternoon. When Coburn arrived, Work asked him to wait for a minute while he changed clothes. Coburn was very bored waiting there and started playing with the rubber band-like tire scraps on the floor of the factory. He wound them into a small ball, added more bands until it was the size of a golf ball and bounced it in frustration on the floor. The ball bounced so high it nearly hit the roof of the three-story factory! Coburn showed Bertram how it bounced and he suggested putting a hard shell over the bands so it could be hit with a golf club. Coburn took his advice and it flew farther, straighter and with less effort than the old featherie ball. The Haskell Golf Ball was born.

Early Life

1868 - Born/Boston1892 - Moved to Cleveland, OH1895 - Married1899 - Golfed with Work1901 - Haskell Ball Co.1917 - Retired1922 - Died/Cleveland

Coburn Haskell was born on December 31, 1868 in Boston. His family moved to Cleveland, OH in 1892 where he began working with the M.A. Hanna Company. He married the niece of his employer, Mary Hanna, in 1895.

Later Life/Death


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Inventor of the ModernGolf Ball


Coburn Haskell


Golf Ball History

Coburn Haskell became a very wealthy man because of the golf ball. He retired from the company in 1917 and went on to pursue many interests. He collected art and books and loved a variety of music. The Haskell ball is still popular today and is a sought after antique. Coburn Haskell died on December 14, 1922 in Cleveland, OH.

Public Life

While he was golfing with his friend, Bertram Work, he came up with the wound rubber band golf ball design. He and Work created a ball with a solid rubber core, wound bands, and hard shell. In 1901, Haskell established the Haskell Golf Ball Company and started producing the popular ball. The game of golf dramatically increased in popularity because of their design.

Lasting Legacy

The Haskell golf ball made the sport of golf a very popular one. Before the Haskell ball, the featherie- a pouch full of feathers- was used to golf. It was a very difficult ball to control and didn't fly very far. The game was frustrating. Thank goodness that the Haskell ball made golf easier. It is a game I love to this day because of the better, easier to handle, Haskell ball.


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