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Chemical Elements

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State of Matter at Room Temperature:Solid

Melting Point(Celsius): 1,493•CBoiling Point (Celsius):3,100•C

Cobalt Discovery!Cobalt was discovered in 1735 by a Swedish chemist named Georg Brandt in Sweden

Cobalt gets it's name from the German word "Kobold", which means "evil spirit" or "goblin". These terms were used by miners because it is hard to mine and harms their health

Cobalt Uses• Alloys (jet engine parts and gas turbines)•To color glass, pottery, and glazes • Sterillisation• Vitamin B12• Magnets• An isotope of cobalt is used to treat certain kinds of cancer

Physical PropertiesHard, Brittle, Lustorus Silvery white with reddish tone, salts that include cobalt atoms are blue

Interesting Facts!•One of the 3 magnetic metals•Is not mined in the U.S•.Closely related to iron and nickel•Found in areas with high levels of arsenic•First metal to be discovered since prehistoric times!

Chemical Properties• Moderately reactive• Combines slowly with oxygen in air• Does not catch fire unless it is in powder form

Cobalt is a relatively abundant element at about 10-30 parts per million which is in the upper third of elements in the Earth's crust. Its ores include cobaltite, smaltite, chloranthite, and linnaetite. It is mined in Zambia, Canada, Russia, Australia, Zaire, and Cuba. It is also found in meteorites.

Cobalt can be part of a compound: it can be combined with copper, arsenic, sulfur, and oxygen in mineral ores

Cobalt is important because....1. Co. 60 (an isotope) is used to treat cancer2. It is the core of vitamin B12, which is essential to humans3. It is magnetic, so it is really useful

Basic InfoSymbol: CoAtomic #: 27Atomic Mass: 58.9332


"Cobalt Blue" pottery


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