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Chemical Elements

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6 physical properties Colour: bluish grey Luster: shinny Conductive: highly Malleable: yesMelting point: 1495°cDensity:




DISCOVERY WHEN WAS IT FIRST DISCOVERED?cobalt was announced to be an element in 1739WHO AND HOW WAS IT DISCOVERED? Georg Brandt discovered cobalt. He had been trying to demonstrate that the blue colour of glass was becasue of a new element, cobalt, rather than bismuth, an element often found in the same locations as cobalt.

3 chemical properties - reactive with air creating oxide co3o4- water has little effect upon cobalt metal and steam produces cobalt oxide coo- cobalt metal dissovles slowly in acid to form solutions containing the aquated Co iron togeather with hydrogen gas ( Co(OH2) 6 ) 2+-

Natural? yes cobalt is natural. cobalt is one of the three naturally occuring magnetic metals

where is the element found?Miners, have dissovered, cobalt is often found in areas with high levles of arsenic. Mainly found in the earths crust

The state the element is found in:cobalt is found only in chemically combined form as a solid

Saftey PrecautionsWhen working with unsealed sources wear apporpriate protective clothing sush as a laboratory coat, coveralls, gloves, saftey glasses/goggles and a suitable mask. If the radiocative material is in the form of dust, powder, it is potenially volatile

If the element were to disappearIf cobalt were to disappear the earth would have a lack of blue pigments. Certain alloys that are magnetic, wear resistant, and high strength could not be made and there would not be any vitamin B12 supplements.

2 compounds of cobaltcobalt chloride - CoCIzcobalt carbonyl - C8Co2O8

...who would be affected the most?Industry would be negatively affected if cobalt were to disappear. Industrys would be unable to make materials of high stregth to be used in such things like buildings.


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