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Coat of Arms

Both of the Coat Of Arms have a Kangaroo and a Emu holding up a shield in the original Coat Of Arms it has a Shield which has a blue out line that has six little Shields and in the middle of the blue outline is the St. George Cross with five stars on it and the second Coat Of Arms has the symbols of each State in the Shield and the rest of the Shield.


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The first Commonwealth Coat Of Arms showed a Kangaroo and a Emu supporting the Shield and standing on a grassy mound. King George V made australias second grant of arms in a Royal Warrant dated 19th September 1912.



King Edward VII made the first official grant of a Coat Of Arms to the Commonwealth of Australia on the 7th May 1908.

Coat Of Arms 2

The Australian Coat of Arms are the property of the Commonwealth of Australia and are used by the Commonwealth to authenticate documents, to indicate ownership of property and for other identification purposes.

Coat Of Arms 1


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