[2015] Tulsen Fawcett: Coal Energy

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[2015] Tulsen Fawcett: Coal Energy

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Coal energyPros vs. Cons

Con-Underground mining is dangerous


Con-Non-renewable resource

Con-Strip mining ruins habitats

Con-Bad on the enviroment

Con-Will run out eventually

Pro-Abundant supply

Pro-Safe and easy to store, it;'s non explosive like gas and oil

Coal energy is a proccess of using coal to make steam, the steam is then turned into electricity.1) Coal is fed into a fire to keep it going2) The fire heats up water, turning it into steam3) The steam turns a turbine in a generator, creating electricity4) Once the steam turns the turbine it is moved into a condenser room. In the condenser room, steam is turned back into water by a flow of cold water. With the reusage of this water tons of water is recycled and reused

Pro-Easily converted into energy without the use of other technologies

Pro-New technologies allow it to burn cleaner and hotter. New gaseous, liquid and powdered coal

Pro-Cheap because of easy accesibility and high supply


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