coaching is teaching

by ochee93
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coaching is teaching

After coaching for a few seasons, I decide I wanted to become a teacher and to be able to impact all types of students not just athletes. I believe the two have many parallels and go hand and hand. Teachers play an important role in developing the next generation of people in society. I want to be able to have a positive impact on the next generation so they can go on to accomplish great things.

Throughout high school I knew I wanted to do something involved with sports. It wasn't till my senior year that I decided I wanted to teach and coach football. I started coaching a youth team at the time and was nervous the first day of practice. I didn't know what to expect or how the kids would respond to me. Early on in that first practice I was coaching a kid on his technique on a particular play. He wasn't quite getting it and was becoming frustrated. Finally after a couple more tries he got it and was ecstatic. It gave me such a rewarding feeling knowing I helped him to achieve the technique and I knew coaching was what I wanted to do.

Coaching is Teaching

By: Steven Ochoa

I had played football my whole life and it taught me many life lessons. I want to use football to help teach those same life lessons to a new generation. Football teaches things you can't learn in a classroom. It teaches things like teamwork, discipline, preseverance, and goal setting. These are all things that are useful in having a successful life.

I haven't done any teaching yet, but through my coaching experiences I have had many rewarding experiences. Its a great feeling knowing you made a difference in a kid's life and helped them accomplish a task. I can't wait to be able to have my own team or my own classroom to be able to mold the minds of the next group of great doctors, lawyers, business people, and maybe even a few teachers.

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