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cmurphy project glog

Davey Hawthorne- scott Jopliinmade 2 smash hits,the entertainer, and the maple leaf rag. Wrote the book The School of RagHe influenced a lot of movie musicImpact: we still listen to much of his music todayFrancesca- Dance in 1920Dance was used as distraction from the warThey had dance marathonsBallet was started in 1920Impact: gave us many dances we have todayKaylee-Robert FrostHe was a famous authorHe made poem for inauguratin of JFKImpact on future-made literature inspiring and importantLily smith-ella fitzgeraldfamous jazz singerimpact- popularizes musicjack d- ku klux klantorture anyone who wasnt white or christianklan is still here impact-they are still causing trouble todayCaroline- fashionnew fashion for new people, flapper dresses to accomadate new dance crazeChance-Babe ruthborn feb 6 1885sent to an orphangeCara- dukefamous jazz playerreal name edwardimpact- new styles in jazz and 2000 records to his creditkyle- louis armstrongbadish kidpopular jazz manimpact many people started playing his type of jazzLiz b-lie detector and traffic lightsJohnny Ives- Gangstersfirst organized crimetommy gun and brass knuckles weapons of choiceimpact started organized crimeHannnah- henry fordinvented model t and assembly lineimpact :ford is still huge and he made the restaurante business oil and rubber betterJohn s- langston hughesborn in joplin missouriwas part of harlem renaisannceImpact one of the great poets of the harlem renaiscanncedied in ny 1967Sig- FBIin 1920 like anti gang force as well as anti klanOlivia herb hooverpresidentraised quakersupposedly caused great depressionSteven- rockets and lie detectorsRocket invented by Rob goddardLie detector invented by John LarsonMolly-Charles SheelerHe was a painterLater becomes a precisionistPainted things for ford.Mansur-Al CaponeOne of the wealthiest mob bosses in the prohibition eraHe was a bootlegger but was never caught. The only thing he was charged for was tax evasion.


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