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Cluster Grouping

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This program is designed to provide full-time gifted education services within a tight budget.

Why ?

O.K. Now that I am a cluster group teacher what should I do?You should:1. recognize and nurture gifted behaviors;2. Create a learning environment where ALL students can learn;3. Allow students to get credit for previous knowledge; 4. provide flexible grouping opportunities; 5. provide for faster pacing of new material6. and be Flexible!!!!


1. Students are ClUSTERED into mixed ability classrooms with a teacher who has been trained to instruct gifted students. 2. Provdies gifted students with a peer group in class that will challenge their academic progress.3. Teachers are more likely to differentiate curriculum when there is a group of gifted students.

Pros*Gifted students feel more comfotable with other gifted students. *They will often complete more challenging tasks if there are other gifted students in the class.* Teachers are not spending a great deal of time planning on a separte lesson for only one child but for several.* Saves the school money* Over time fewer lower achieving students are identified as more move into higher achievement levels.

Cons* Equipping teachers with the skills to differentiate appropritely. * Rotating cluster teachers every few years so that parents can see that a variety of teachers can meet their child's needs.* Rotating other students in an out of the lusster classroom to avoid tracking.* Educating parents can be a challenge.

Cluster Grouping Curriculum ModelBy: Christy Coffey


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