[2014] Alyssa Waters: ClubFoot

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[2014] Alyssa Waters: ClubFoot

How many children are affected by the birth defect?1 in 1,000 babies are born with Clubfoot in the US each year

How is the birth defect caused?If your baby has clubfoot, one foot or both feet point down and turn in. This happens because the tissues that connect muscles to bone (called tendons) in your baby’s leg and foot are shorter than usual. This pulls the foot into an abnormal position. Babies with clubfoot also may have abnormal foot bones, ankle joints and muscles.


This is what Clubfoot looks like

<----- My daughter was born with Clubfoot

What effect does it have on the child? Clubfoot can range from mild to serious. Clubfoot isn’t painful, and it doesn’t bother your baby until he begins to stand and walk. If it’s not treated, he may have problems walking correctly

There is no way to prevent Clubfoot. But if your baby does have it there are ways to help depending on how mild or serious it is.Mild: Stretching and castingMore serious: Stretching, taping and splinting More severe: Surgery

What can be done, if anything to cure or help the child?

Alyssa Waters, 4/14/15

All information from March of Dimes

My daughters case was very mild. Meaning her feet fixed themselves over time.

<--This is what a severe case of clubfeet looks like

My daughters foot again


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