Club Introduction (m.J.P)

by LeeEuiJung
Last updated 6 years ago

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Club Introduction (m.J.P)

'평창을 부탁해' is a cultural diplomacy club of Wooseok Middle School. as you see from the title, the club was made for the purpose of promoting successful 2018 Pyeong Chang Winter Olympics and Paralympics Games. and furthermore, we can introduce South Korea and Korean culture for foreigners.

Let me introduce you

' 평창을 부탁해! '

The Olympics is a big festival for humankind's unity and peace. By following this spirit , our club '평창을 부탁해' is preparing for the sign language performance which is a beautiful language performance for the unity of non-disabled and disabled people

By the showy performance 'Nanta' ,the representative cultural product of Korea, we can attract public attention and introduce our own culture and the Olympics.

We think Korea should know a lot about the Olympics and Winter sports for the successful Olympics. So we are doing lots of various projects to let people know about them. We're making brochures, web posters, UCCs, and a flash mob.






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