Clownfish by Ruby

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Clownfish by Ruby

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Characteristics of Fish

Other Interesting Facts


Clown fish are orange with stripes. Some clownfish are pink with one white stripe. Clownfish can sometimes have black stripes too. Clownfish are the size of a hand . They weigh 200grams. Clownfish use their smallteeth to communicate.

All fish have gills. Gills help fish breath underwater. All fish havegills for swimming. Fish don'thave a backbone. Fish have been around for 530 million years. There are 228450 species   of fish and there are 3.5 trillion fish swimming in the sea.

Clown fish live in the warmer waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. they can also be found northwest Australia, southwest Asia, Japan and the Malaysian region.  Clown fish have a symbiotic relationship with sea anemone. They can only live in 10 types of anemone. There is over 1000 types of sea anemone.

Clownfish lay about 100- 1000 eggs. Wild clownfish live for about 6-10 years and pet clownfish live for 3-5 years. There are 28 species of clownfish. Clownfish do not hibernate or migrate. clownfish are dinner to larger fish, eels and sharks. All clownfish are born male but some change to female and some stay male. Nemo and Marley from Finding Nemo are clownfish.

Clownfish eat algae, copepod, isopods and zooplankton. Clownfish get their food from fish in their sea anemone. Clownfish are omnivores, they eat plants and animals.




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