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"the slow boy fish began to cry and then to scream. No. Burn the man. Don't burn him. He's the man." (Winton 118-119)"Middle C droned through the house, and though they all heard it, no one said a word" (Winton 120)"The yard was full of kids, full of shouting, full of orange light and smoke" (Winton 118)

Guy Fawkes

Author: Tim Winton


How did events from the postmodernism time period influence the writing of Cloudstreet?

"The old man on his knees weeping: Yairs, Lord, yairs!" (Winton 31)"We'll take it to the Lord. No, wait on...the knife never lies" (Winton 56)"It wasn't long before everyone on Cloudstreet and anyone who lived near it knew about the Lamb's new shop, and not long before they started to spend as much as they gawked" (Winton 58)"...he sees the river is full of sky as well. There's stars and swirl and space down there and it's not even water anymore." (Winton 114)


"He went thorugh the door like a storm trooper. Victory in Europe! And the wireless was on somewhere. Unconditional surrender!" (Winton 68)"The war. The Krauts are out. What about the Japs? said Quick from the hallway. The japs are still in. We'll get em. said Quick." (Winton 68)"A couple days after VJ Day, everyone was still crazy with peace fever" (Winton 84)

End of WWII

Brenden and Kelsey


Guy Fawkes Day, the end of World War II and Culture in the 1940's influenced the writing of Cloudstreet through its postmodernistic style.

Guy Fawkes Day is the celebration of the arrest of Guy Fawkes, a man who plotted to blow up the British Parliament. This important event in Britian's history influenced the postmodernistic style of populism. At the bonfire, the Pickles and Lambs laugh and celebrate in a non-serious fashion. Fish was the only one who saw the wrong in this honored day. Fish thought that it was immoral that people were getting enjoyment over burning a "man". He shows his sorrow in form of the Middle C, the piano key that spreads a depressing feeling throughout the Cloudstreet house.

The culture demonstrated throughout the novel exemplifies Winton's postmoderistic style. The relationship between Fish and the water has elements of magical realism.The Pickle family is very supersticious believing that their lives are guided by fate alone. On the other hand, the Lamb family works hard for their money and success. It is ironic how these two very different families shared a house together. They even got along with Quick marrying Rose and Lester being good friends with Sam Pickles. The novel contains a lot of intercontextuality pertaining to thenames of the families. The Lambs reference the Bible with Fish parallelingto Jesus. Winton used traditional postmodernistic styles to create the development of his characters.

The representation of Winton's style is displayed through major events at the end of World War II such as the Victory in Europe and the Victory over Japan. Once Germany surrendered, there was a sense of freedom that spread through the allied countries. World War II was over and the people got what they wanted all along, peace. Not only

were the Europeans thrilled but other countries like Austrailia, celebrated life without a war. The Pickles and Lamb family represent the people during that time period through celebration. The feud between the two families relates back to the war. The two sides were not happy with each otherbut as soon as the war ended among outside countries, the war between the two families also ended. There was finally peace and friendship throughout the world and throughout the Cloudstreethome. Winton took the dark elements of World War II and added an ironic and humorous twist.

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