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Earth Sciences

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Clouds are pictures in the sky They stir the soul, they please the eye They bless the thirsty earth with rain, which nurtures life from cell to brainBut no! They're demons, dark and dire, hurling hail, wind, flood, and fire Killing, scarring, cruel masters Of destruction and disasters Clouds have such diversity- Now blessed, now cursed, the best, the worst But where would life without them be? by Vollie Cotton

All About Clouds

Weather Wiz Kids explores with you about clouds. What are they, types of clouds, how to make your own and much more.

Match the Clouds

In attachments:Cloud Identification GuideBe a member of the Cloud Appreciation Society.

Cloud identification cards and more found at this site.

I Wish by Cheryl Jones

Are you a cloud watcher?What things do you see when you watch clouds? When you see a nifty cloud, take a picture and send it to us at and we will add it to this resource. Make sure to tell us your first name and where you were when you took the picture.I wonder, are clouds the same around the world?


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