Clouded leopard

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Clouded leopard

Clouded Leopard

- Clouded Leopards are vulnerable because of Deforestation, habitat destruction, and they are wanted for ther beautiful pelt.-The clouded leopard’s diet includes birds, monkeys, pigs, cattle, goats, deer, and porcupines. They are strict carnivors. - They are near to the top of the food chain in their natural environment so therefore their There predators are humans!

These type of leopard lives in much of Southeast Asia through Southern China.

- This animal can assume an influential role in controlling group size of other species! They keep population density low....Clouded leopards niche is also preventing herbivores from eating all vegetable like in their ecosystem by preying on them(such as deer).-The clouded leopard is the smallest of the world's big cats, and its believed to be a potential evolutionary link between the big cats and small cats.

HELP protect Clouded Leopards

Why should Clouded Leopards be protected?!Because they are marvoulos animals !It is extremly depressing that they are endangered.There total population size is suspected to be fewer than 10,000 mature individuals, and this number will decrease every day if we dont do something to stop it.WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP. GO TO


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