Cloud Formations

by Kirstinszogas
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Earth Sciences

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Cloud Formations

Cloud Formations!

Cumulonimbus CloudsHave unstable air throughout them; cause violent turbulence; strong possibility for icing

Cirrus CloudsFair weather clouds, do not usally cause any ice or snow, very dense cirrus clouds can cause turbulence

Cirrocumulus Clouds May contain super-cooled water droplets which can cause turbulence and icing

Cirrostatrus CloudsCause very little icing, if any at all; do not cause turbulence, are sometimes difficult to see

Altocumulus CloudsCause small amounts of icing and a little turbulence

Altostratus CloudsCause moderate amounts of icing, little or no turbluence, but they restrict the passage of sunlight

Altocumulus CastellanusCause unstable air and rough turbulence. Also can cause small amounts of icing.

Standing Lenticular Altocumulus CloudsCause a lot of turbulence

Nimbostrarus CloudsVery little turbulence, can cause serious icing if the temperatures are low enough, very dark and low to the ground

Stratus CloudsCause little or no turbluence, can cause hazardous icing if the temperatres are cool enough, often cause fog or rain, and greatly reduce visibilty

Stratocumulus CloudsCause some turbulence, and possible icing, visibility is low but better than stratus clouds

Cumulus CloudsA shallow layer of unstable air, some turbulence, no significant icing

Towering Cumulus CloudsVery strong turbulence, some clear icing



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