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Upper ClassWomen wore clothes designed to give them a small waist. They wore chemise, kirtle and a fitted bodice that helped show a small waist.Men wore loose-fitting shirts that were gathered at the cuff. For pants, they wore breeches, they often slashed the outer layer to reveal a bright contrasting color in the underlying layer.Both men and women wore shoes made of fine leather or silk, velvet, brocade. Shoes were always decorated with embellishments such as jewels and laces.

Lower ClassWomen wore less restricted clothing, that had looser corsets and less layers . Men would wear white linen shirts, knee-breeches, a jacket, ruffs, and shoes.They could only wear clothes made of wool, sheepskin, or linen. Occassionlay, they could have silk or velvet clothing, but only for trimmings. Lower class were only allowed to wear the colours brown, beige, yellow, orange, russet (redish brown), green, gray, and pale blue. Due to restrictions of Sumptuary laws, they had simpler clothing

Children would wear skirts, regardless of sex. When a boy was three to seven years of age, he would be given a pair of breeches or breech hose.

ChildrenChildren of both sexes would wear coifs, gowns that fell to their feet, aprons,bibs and caps.


Hairstyles and Make-upsMen' HairstylesHair length varied during the era; it started as short hairstyles but its length has increased during the period. Long hair had to be curly.Men curled their hair using hot iron and kept it in place using wax or gum.Women's Hairstyles and Make-upThe long flowing hair showed the virginity of a young girl.When a woman was married, she wore her hair swept up.Only the upper class women wore make-up. Most used was the white make-up. It was mainly used to cover the wrinkles.

Children would begin to dress like miniature adults as they got older.


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