Clostribium Perfringans Ks

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Clostribium Perfringans Ks

Clostribium Perfringans(Spore forming Bacteria}


Clostribium P.

Food poisoning

HistoryIn 1892 Two British Bacteriologists named George Nuttall and William Welch discovered Clostribium Perfringans. Later on they opened a colloge mainly focused on Bacteriology/Biolagy

SymptomsSymptoms include nasia, fever, abdominal pain, diahriah and gas.

HangoutsClostribium Perfringans often hangs out in intestines, soil, sewage, raw food and places with little or no oxygen

Facts Clostribium Perfringans usually 8-24 hours and 2 weeks for severe cases. It is not usually life threatening only 3 death happen a year from it. It can not grow in places with lots of oxygen. It usually causes 1 million illnesses a year

The cure is used only for severe cases that require hospitalization and can lead to death. It is Penicillin Phrophylaxis


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