Close Read

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Language Arts

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Close Read

By participating in close reads, students will reap the benefits of being able to critically engage with a text through repeated readings, promote their ability to read complex text independently and successfully answer and discuss text-dependent quuestions, while developing their metacognidtion as they notice what is confusing, make inferences about the text, and determine the author's purpose.

A close read is an "intensive analysis of a text in order to come to terms wiith what it says, how it says it, and what it means" (Shanahan on Literacy, n.d.)

What is a Close Read?

Close Read


1. Select challenging & appropriate text2. Analyze the text's content & language ahead of time3. Anticipate potential challenges the text may present4. Write text-dependent questions that engage students in interpretive tasks

Teacher Role

How might you utilize this approach in your classroom? I would use the close read approach to better prepare my students to actively read expository texts in all content areas. Also, to help the students become developed readers.

Model Lesson


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