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What is cloning?Cloning is organisms that are exact genetic copies of each other. Every single bit of their DNA is identical.

What types of cloning are there? Types of cloning are naturally and artificially. Examples are twins or identical organisms produced in a lab.

How does natural cloning occur?Natural cloning occurs when two individuals are produced from the same fertilized egg by nature.

Are there any risks associated with cloning?Risks associated are high failure rate, Problems during later development, abnormal gene expression patterns, and telomeric differences.

Who created the first successful artificial cloning and when did it happen?In 1885, Hans Adolf Edward Dreisch, created the first-ever demonstration of artificial embryo twinning.”

Have humans ever been successfully cloned?Presently, there is no evidence of any cloned humans. Despite several highly publicized claims

What subject was used for the first demonstration of artificial cloning?The subject used was a sea urchin, due to its relatively simple structure.

How does artificial cloning occur?Artificial cloning occurs when a early embryo is separated into individauls cells inside a petri dish, then placed into a surrogate mother.

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Cloning By: Joshua Garcia


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