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Cloning is defined as to be an exact replica or identical copy of an organism. Cloning is done by either artificial embryo twinning or somatic cell nuclear transfer. Cloning can be used to make identical organisms to study and to clone cells to grow back organs.

Artifical Embryo Twinning

This is a natural process that creats identical twins. Twins will be created early on when the embryo splits. This happens shortly after the sperm joins with the egg.

SCNT is also known as nuclear transfer and is the process of created an exact clone. First Somatic cells are isolated then remove its nucleus and DNA. They then put the nucleus into an egg cell and then it begans to behave like a fertalized egg. It is then developed into an embryo and is injected into a surrogate mother.


Cloning was first researched by Briggs and Kind when they explained cloining frogs with SCNT. The next popular cloning event was when Dolly the sheep became the first mammal to be cloned in 1997. After this, Korean researchers have claimed that they have cloned human embryos which turned out to be false. Some myths of cloning include that the cloned organism will act the same as the original. Clones mostly only share their apperance.

Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer/ SCNT

Organisms vs Genes

These differ when being cloned because when you clone an organism you copy their exact genetic makeup unlike cloning genes where one would make a copy of only a select few base pairs

Fertilization vs SCNT

These two procceses differ because of the amount of chromosomes in the cell. In SCNT there is no father chromosome needed unlike in fertilization which chromosomes come from both mom and dad.

Cloning livestock

Cloning endangered spieces

This process would be used to provide an even quicker surplus in food such as beef and pork products by cloning cows and pigs. This could lead to solving some of the problems including world hunger like in Africa.

This would be important to maintain spieces today that if they would die off will effect their whole ecosystem.


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